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Situation - Covid 19

IMPORTANT: As long as the hotels are allowed to stay open, we are also allowed to cater for the hotel guests. This is not dependent on the current closure of the restaurants


Dear guests
Don't worry - we follow the guidelines of BAG

- In the interior, masks are compulsory all the way to your room and to your table in the restaurant.
- We have always cleaned the rooms thoroughly - but are still paying more attention to the critical areas - and disinfect intensively where necessary.
- Stays 1-2 nights - Basically no room service.
- Stays of 3 nights or more: You decide when you want us to clean/disinfect the room.
- we have furnished our restaurant in such a way that a distance of 1.5 metres is guaranteed. The waitress is wearing a mask
- Breakfast is partly served à la carte and from the buffet - mask obligation up to the buffet
- We accept a maximum of 16 people in the hotel.
- We are also there for you in the afternoon: coffee, tea, cake,

- If you feel ill, please stay at home
- Should the authorities issue NEW RESTRICTIONS shortly before your arrival, which prevent you from travelling, YOU can of course cancel without incurring any costs

- We have received the certificate "Clean&Safe".